5 Ways To Honor Your Favorite Feline

Did you know that there’s a day every year dedicated to showing our cats respect? Yep! It’s called Respect Your Cat Day, and it falls in March.

For all the funny ways cats bring us pleasure, it’s a great thing to take a moment to show our cats how much we love them.

5 Ways To Show Cats Respect

If there was ever a pet that demanded respect, it’s the cat. If you have a cat at home, you know they rule the roost.

They’re even revered as divine in some cultures. So Respect Your Cat Day seems the perfect time to share some ways you can show your cat that you truly respect them.

1. Pet them the right way

There are right and wrong ways to pet a cat. And while most cats enjoy similar pet styles, your cat will surely let you know if you’re doing it wrong. 

Cats typically enjoy petting under the chin and on the face. Some also enjoy their ears rubbed gently and little scratches around their neck (especially if they wear a collar).

Many cats also enjoy being petted along the back and hips, however, some cats are extremely sensitive to petting in this area. So use your cat’s reaction to petting to let you know if they’re comfortable with back scratches.

2. Don’t push them out of their comfort zone

Just like us, some cats are very outgoing while others are very timid. Pushing cats out of their comfort zone is not only dangerous for you, but it can also be dangerous for the cat.

Frightened cats are much more likely to lash out, scratch, or bite. Plus, they’ll try to run off which could lead to injury and lost pets.

So next time your friends and family come over, tell them to respect your cat by not insisting on cuddle time (unless the kitty asks for it).

3. Learn their body language signals

Ever been sitting on the couch peacefully petting your cat when she suddenly turns around and bites you? It may seem out of the blue, but chances are she was sending you signals she didn’t want to be touched anymore.

Flat ears, tail flicking, and avoiding eye contact are all signs that you are invading your cat’s personal space. And don’t confuse purring with contentedness.

Often times cats will continue to purr even when they are nervous, scared, or just plain ornery.

4. Feed them healthy food and treats

Did you know that it is dangerous to feed your cats exclusively dog food? Cats have different nutritional requirements than dogs and can develop fatal heart disease if continually fed dog food.

Make sure to choose a high-quality cat food like Purina ProPlan to help them maintain a healthy weight and body condition.

Similar to dogs, feeding your cats table scraps can make them sick. Stick to treats formulated for their digestive system for best results.

5. Keep them healthy with annual to biannual veterinary visits

Cats are prone to certain diseases as they age, but changes can happen at any time. And because they tend to hide when they feel unwell, it’s easy to miss the first stages of illness.

At Elberton Animal Hospital, we recommend bringing your cat in for a visit every 6-12 months.

We will give them a thorough physical exam to make sure everything looks good, plus catch them up on the yearly vaccinations if necessary.

If your cat is due for a visit, call us at 706-283-2761 to schedule an appointment or easily request your appointment online.

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